Preston Dugas Law is focused on three main areas of practice:

Property Tax Litigation

Property values rise in Texas every year causing many commercial property owners to sell prematurely and exit the market altogether. For example, the property taxes collected in 2015 equated to over $3 billion more than what was collected in 2014 and that number continues to rise. The Texas Property Tax Codes says that all properties must be taxed equally and uniformly but many are not. Is Texas doing what it can to regulate these disparities in value? Commercial property owners are afforded the privilege in Texas to protest their property’s value to lower the tax liability. However, many protests end up with little to no reduction in value. As a commercial property owner you are left with one last option, file an appeal. If you choose to do so, you should hire an experienced law firm. Preston has handled hundreds of property tax appeals all over the State of Texas. Preston has trial experience with property tax appeals and has received successful verdicts. Make sure the lawyer you hire for your property tax appeal has trial experience to go the distance.

Insurance Litigation

Wind and hail storms cause millions of dollars in damage every year. Most property owners believe that their insurance company will do the right thing and pay their wind/hail storm claimfire claim, or the effects of flooding. However, thousands of property owners are denied coverage every year. Insurance companies deny many home or commercial property claims that arise out of wind/hail storms and blame it on “wear and tear,” “marring” or “cosmetic damage.” These phrases and terms are hidden in your insurance policy and used by Insurance companies to deny or underpay claims. The insurance company doesn’t care if you’ve paid your premiums. The insurance company is doing what’s best for it. Preston is here to help you recover money so you can fix your home or commercial property and put it back into its pre-loss condition. Insurance policies are also a contract and in most states this allows you the privilege to recover attorney’s fees as well as money for the damages sustained to your home from wind/hail. Preston accepts cases from all insurance carriers. If you’ve been affected by Hurricane Harvey and have flood insurance please click on this link and read FEMA’S September 4, 2017 announcement

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